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Headshot & Business Photographer

Get Recognized as
a Professional in Your Field

How Do You Present Yourself And Your Brand?

You have seconds to make a strong first impression:

You can be the best at what you do, but if people don’t know you or your brand, they will form their opinion based on the pictures they see.

How do you want to come across when they see you? 

The pictures you show are a tool.

You can educate, inspire and make true connections that build relationships and lead to you becoming a person that your audience knows, likes and trusts.

My service is not only about a good first impression – it is a strategy to build relationships and build trust using photographs. It is storytelling that show personality – brand values and the level of service and care that can be expected from doing business with you.

personal branding head-shot of professional outdoors
headshot of insurance agent outdoors

“Personal branding is the art of becoming knowable, likable and trustable.”
– John Jantsch

Imagine A Constant Flow Of Custom Images

Are you an entrepreneur who uses social media? I can educate you on how you can leverage your personal brand to stand out and make a bigger impact.

Imagine having a stream of new images come in every 3 months for marketing on social media. Think of all the time you can get back if you have a photographer who understands your brand and can set you up with recurring fresh content.

In one day we can create enough high quality images that you can use for several months on social media. 

Why hire an expert in Personal Brand Photography? Because I do more than to show up with a camera!

I offer a strategy that will help you: 

  • get clear on your brand values
  • show magazine quality images to tell your story
  • grow your business
  • build relationships and trust 
  • save time by creating months worth of custom images in one day
  • look your best yet look authentic so your clients know you are a real person

I take time to get to know you and your brand so if you are unsure of what you should be sharing – I will have ideas of what stories will strengthen your brand and help you stand out! 

Hi, I am Izabela!


I help entrepreneurs stand out through lifestyle inspired photographs that tell the story of their Brand!

Just like you, I am curious – I want to know who I do business with. I want to know if I like you and if we have anything in common. Do you really care about your clients? Are you a decent person? Do you have dogs? Are you someone I can trust to do a good job?  Basically I want to know if you are a business (person) I want to support – and the best way you can make the prospective client comfortable in reaching out to you is by showing your values, your practices and your personality – through stories!  

I believe we connect through stories and our shared experiences. We connect with what is real. Showing your story will help you attract an audience that will resonate with your message and values. And they will become clients that you enjoy to serve.

Whether you know what you want out of your session or if you need guidance and clarity around what to share to strengthen your brand – I got you!

With a Master’s Degree in Psychology and Journalism from Roskilde University in Denmark I understand how stories connect us. Since I moved to Oregon in 2015 I have been documenting and sharing stories through photography. Now I am excited to help you share yours!

Each story helps us connect on a deeper level and each story session reflects Your Brand so you can make the impact you desire! 

Are You Ready To Stand Out?

Here are the next steps:

A Photo of Photographer Izabela Mattson

1. Contact Me

E-mail! How can I help you reach your next level by being on your team? 

2. Are we a perfect match?

We meet in person or get on a Zoom call to go through your vision and see if we are a good fit for each other.

3. Seal The Deal

We make it official by signing the paperwork. Now we can begin collaborating on your message and look! I am with you all the way! 

“Personal branding is all about building rapport at scale and rapport is one of the most
fundamental sales techniques.”
– Mark Roberge